Vibrational Healing

“Of the different kinds of healing – by medicine, massage, or skeletal adjustments; by affirmation, imagination, will or faith – vibratory healing is the most important.” -P. Yogananda

BodyTalk San Diego offers Personal Treatments that will be designed by your own body.

Treatments are held in Encinitas, CA, or on the phone/skype for distant sessions.

To schedule a BT session with Myriam, which includes all the Advanced BodyTalk Techniques and the multidisciplinary and intuitive approach of PaRama BodyTalk, please call (760) 525-0883.

Treatment investment:
$125 for the first single session
$310 for a package with 3 sessions

(We accept credit cards and payment plans)

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Body Talk Can…

  • Can be used to address specific diseases and disorders.
  • Can be used as a means of maintenance and prevention to keep the body in good health.
  • Can be used to complement other treatment modalities.
  • BodyTalk is a whole health care system designed by your body.
  • Can be offered as distant treatment.

Body Talk will change the way you look at health care forever. A state-of-art system, the strength of which lies in its simplicity of application

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